Welcome to Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian Herders

Welcome to Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian Herders

Welcome to Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian HerdersWelcome to Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian HerdersWelcome to Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian Herders

Lapponian Herder Background


About Kuulas Kennel

Kuulas means bright or transparent in Finnish. We take pride in being completely transparent and honest to all potential puppy homes. We have been successfully training dogs for 17 years in dog agility, showmanship, and obedience. Our love for animals began at an early age growing up with families that bred dogs, working in veterinary clinics through college and as a young adult, and volunteering for the humane society and local animal rescues prior to breeding. All of our dogs and puppies are raised in a healthy, loving environment as a family member. 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We work closely with our veterinarians, the American Kennel Club, and the United Kennel Club to uphold the breed standards at the highest level. We provide routine veterinary care as well as preventative genetic screening on all potential breeding mates. We feed a grain free salmon based diet and provide nutritional supplementation to our dogs as recommended including prenatal and lactation support. We expose our dogs to different: chickens, goats, cats, dogs, children, and people to best socialize and prepare them for their new homes. Our goal is provide you with an amazing family dog and advocate for the Lapponian Herder breed.


A Furever Friend

Origin: The Lapponian Herder (Lapinporokoira) was originally used by the Sami people in Finland to heard and guard reindeer. They are used today for mountaineering, bear/lion/wolf/coyote detection, hiking, herding, agility, livestock guardianship, and especially companionship. The breed was discovered in 1966 and recognized by the UKC in 2006.

Temperament: Docile, calm, friendly, and willing to work.

Size: They are a medium sized dog. Height should be 19-21 inches at the withers (shoulders) for males, 17-19 inches at the withers for females. 

Grooming: Smooth double coat of medium length fur in brown, black, or dark grey with a lighter shade on the head, legs, and underside of belly. They shed their undercoat one to two times a year (seasonally) and should be brushed weekly. Their fur does not tangle easily.  

Exercise: Lapponian Herders excel in many sports including: rally, dock diving, agility, obedience, barn hunt, nose work, search and rescue, bird hunting, and conformation. When provided with enrichment they are calm and loyal companions, but with no mental or physical stimulation, they can become destructive. 

Training: Eager to serve, docile, calm, friendly, and barks when working. Can be reserved with strangers, especially females. Rated among the easiest dogs to train by multiple organizations. 

Health: The Lapponian Herder is still considered primeval. This is the reason the breed has very little to no consistent or prominent health complications. We choose our dogs to improve the breed and maintain the reputation for the breed.

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Kuulas Kennel's Lapponian Herders

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