Maeve: black

She is the smallest female. She is super sweet and has no reservations about pushing her brothers aside to get to mom when its feeding time. 

Elsa: pink

She is the biggest female, but she is incredibly gentle and mild mannered. She waits for things to calm down before entering the puppy war zone.

Freyja: purple

She is absolutely beautiful with her unique markings but filled with sass as you can see in the video. Fearless, pretty girl.

Male: Green

This is one of the runts and now that he has the luxury to access the feeder with goat milk, he doesn't just drink it, he bathes in it. His dream of endless amounts of milk has finally come true.

Tiikeri: blue

Little boy blue is the second offender for bathing in the food dish. He has always had a lot of energy despite being one of the smaller boys. He is full of personality and was the first to walk.

Baymax: red

Red boy is more reserved. He proceeds cautiously after scoping out the surroundings. He would be great for scent work as he likes to get his nose on the ground and find treats throughout the puppy pen.

Male: Orange

He is incredibly balanced in being curious but also mild mannered. He will explore, but doesn't need to be constantly on the move. 

Esko: Yellow

Mr. Yellow boy is a spitting image of his father from the white spot on his shoulder to his little howl. He was the first puppy to discover his voice.

Luukas: Grey

Grey boy was born our biggest puppy almost 1/2 a pound bigger than his siblings. He is learning quickly that this world is fun but is not 100 percent sure about anything yet.